Bali Beach Bum

I just returned to Bangkok after a glorious week in Bali, Indonesia at the Ayara Resort and Spa. It really was heaven on earth and simply breathtaking. I took too many photos and am trying hard to pick the best ones! Here are two of my favorites.

Bali inspired me to be comfortable (everyone is very island-style-relaxed) but bold with colors and prints, just like the locals, flowers and scenery which ranges from tiered rice paddies to turquoise oceans surrounded by dramatic cliffs. Here are my top outfits from Bali, the hot pink shorts were a great staple.


Pink shirts – Mango $40
Striped T – Zara $18
Tulip skirt – Zara $63
Acid orange T – Gap $22.95
Grey linen T – Zara $28

About amyswalkinwardrobe
I adore fashion and spend most of my free time looking for great, chic items I can mix and match. Oh, and the occasional luxury item of course! There is nothing better than sitting in a boring meeting and being inspired by your own shoes :)

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