My Top 10 Beauty Essentials

Where would we be without our favourite tried and trusted beauty essentials?

For some women it is simply a swipe of mascara and a dab of hair serum, for others it is an-hour-long transformation involving several lotions and potions. For me, it is somewhere in the middle. I LOVE beauty products and enjoy the process of using  creams and make-up just as much as seeing the final result (final result – not looking exhausted!) Here are my top must-have items: (if I was stuck on a desert island and could bring one item, it would be mascara)

1) Dior Extase mascara – gives you uber volume and length. Trust me, I have tried them all. $95 and worth it

2) Lancome concealer – $29.50 (tip your face downwards in the mirror when applying to see the under-eye shadow)

3) Balenciaga perfume – a classic scent that works day and night $130

4) Bobbi Brown powder foundation – am not a fan of liquid so this works well and looks natural. lots of shades. $42

5) Laura Mercier Primer – as with a wall, everything needs a base coat. Works well in humid climates $30

6) Laura Mercier illuminating powder blush – mine is ‘pink rose’ Love the four sections for natural blend $35

7) Mac blush brushes – expensive but well worth it. They feel silky and last ages. One for base, one for blush. $49.50

8) Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser SPF15 – when I am feeling a tad pale this is subtle and smoothing $40

9) Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream – what make-up drawer or handbag is complete without this gem? $19.50

10) Boots number 7 under eye treatment, non greasy – $19.99

About amyswalkinwardrobe
I adore fashion and spend most of my free time looking for great, chic items I can mix and match. Oh, and the occasional luxury item of course! There is nothing better than sitting in a boring meeting and being inspired by your own shoes :)

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