Summer Date Night

Ironically I wasn’t planning on blogging this outfit (ironic because I photograph everything I wear just to ensure I have choice!) but my husband persuaded me as a lot of my recent posts have been in skinny jeans. We were off for a warm summer Friday evening date and I prioritised comfort….just this once

This pale green dress was bought in Thailand at a market stall in Chiang Mai. I just love the  shade of light green.

Because this is a rare ‘no-shoe’ post I am going to share this gorgeous pic of high-heel cupcakes to make up for it!

About amyswalkinwardrobe
I adore fashion and spend most of my free time looking for great, chic items I can mix and match. Oh, and the occasional luxury item of course! There is nothing better than sitting in a boring meeting and being inspired by your own shoes :)

2 Responses to Summer Date Night

  1. cravensavor says:

    Those cupcakes are some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!

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