Outfits of the Week

My week in outfits. It’s quite amusing at how my moods impact my outfits and colour palette. From dreamy blue spring to a black mini & bossy text….

Blue Spring and Striped  Weekend Mini

Pink & White and ‘for my amusement’


Breakfast. Coffee. Pancakes anyone? And dotty-over-dose

Accessorising the Spade with a polka scarf & Figuring out blogging on an IMac after a lifetime of PC….

Gap Casual and White Linen

Denim & Lace

I love mixing textures, like unexpected flavours. Today we have lace and denim. Hooray.

It’s a little less obvious, don’t you think? And yes, I haven’t managed to put my new Kate Spade bag down!

Lace print mini – G2000  (similar) Denim shirt – Gap. Bag – Kate Spade. Bangle – Marc Jacobs

Blue suede loafers – similar


A little collection of my favourite looks. From city-chic and weekend sleek to va-voom glam & cocktail frocks

Cute comfy casual

Smart casual by Jessica and Charlize (the only person who pulls of baggy-crutch pants)

My utter favourite dress this year (and sunglasses)

Fashion blogger – thistimetomorrow

Kate Spade Charlotte Reena

2013 is all about classic buys. Quality over quantity (which takes some getting used to!)

Here is my new, and totes amaze-balls, Kate Spade ‘Charlotte Street Reena‘ Handbag from their latest collection

I had difficulty choosing among the colour options (cream, black, yellow and orange) but I soon realised the cream is the one bag tone I am currently missing. And I love the simple & classic design with gold buckles.

I debuted it with jeans and flats, but cannot wait to add it to a posh little frock with matching heels.

I want to live IN a Kate Spade store

Cropped Pink Pants

How utterly cute are these cropped trousers? Great for a casual shopping day or weekend brunch

Trousers – Gap  available in Tall & Petite

I only liked the pale pink but they come in a wide range of other colours such as green, navy blue and red.

I like that the roll-up is fairly narrow because I have ridiculously thin and spindly ankles which I don’t like to highlight. I also wear slim-fit flats to avoid the ‘Olive Oil’ from Pop-Eye look.

Denim & Stripes

Two of my favourite clothing combo’s – Denim with black and white.

Shirt – Zara. Skirt – Zara. Boots – Mango Touch.

Nails – OPI. Rose gold ring – local boutique

Trouser Rules

It has been too long since my last clothing post. The honest reason?  We have replaced our old PC with an iMac – and it takes me days longer to complete a simple task. I literally couldn’t figure out how to open a new email, let alone download, edit and upload photo’s! (I discovered the USB port IN the keyboard on day three!) But I am back, officially.

I love unique tops with detail. This one is a firm favourite of mine.

Trousers – tailored (Cotton House) Top – Jaspal. Heels – Aldo. Bag – Charles & Keith

I have a trouser rule: Trousers must be long enough to to cover half-way down your stiletto heel. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to flap around your ankles. If you are seated and cross your legs, your ankle can be revealed, but not the bottom half of your shin! That is why I got mine tailored, nowhere makes a 36cm length!