1969 Was a Good Year

Well, it was for me as my husband was born in 1969. It’s like when you see your name on a coffee cup or pen, you can’t resist buying it. 1969 T – Gap. Cute shorts also Gap

Loafers – Anne Klein (old) Bracelet – Kate Spade. Bag – Charles & Keith

Floral Monday

What could possibly be better than flowers on a Monday!

I just love the sleeves and neck line. It is going to be the perfect holiday bikini cover-up with flats.

Turquoise floral pocket dress with elastic waist – Zara Spring Collection

Pink jacket – Mango (old)

Wedge Heels – Charles & Keith. Nails – OPI ‘Mod About You’

Spring Wedge

When I saw these I just knew.

I have never been a fan of the thick, chunky wedge, but these are slim-line and tapered.

The come in white and yellow, and I admit it was a hard choice to make. All are totes gorge. But the brown will go with so much and I can’t wait to try them with a white pencil skirt

Wedge Sandals with braided strap – Charles and Keith spring collection

Colour Clash

I suddenly realised that I haven’t mixed it up in a while. My version of mixing it up is not exactly punk rock, but I combine colours and fabrics that I wouldn’t ordinarily. This involved lots of trial and error. Lots of ghastly mirror reflections. But eventually you get something so mis-matched that is works.

Sheer Delight

Sometimes you find an item of clothing so feminine it feels like the theme tune from Sex and The City is the world’s soundtrack, tinkling from behind as you strut girlishly down the lane.

This top is pink, sheer, frilly, puffy AND has a bow. Can you cope? That is why I am wearing it with skinny jeans and not a white skirt as initially planned.

I think the jeans make it more edgy, reducing any potentially syrupy reaction.

Top – TopShop. Jean – GStar. Heels – Nine West. Ring – local market, Nails – ‘Mod About You’ OPI

Make-Up Goodies

It has been too long since my last product review. I have so much stuff to share it is not normal. My bathroom looks like regional branch of Boots.

Allow me to start with my ‘Botanics‘ products. One is a serum with ‘calming marshmallow’ and the other a ‘matifying day cream’ with SPF and WillowBark. I am totally into this serum because it s light in texture, organic and non greasy. Also, I imagine this chilled-out, happy marshmallow whenever I use it. The day cream is lovely too.

To be honest, this ‘beautifully matte foundation’ is not great. Felt too dry and didn’t spread properly (perhaps better for oily skin). The BB Cream is fantastic, I am addicted and carry a spare one in my purse for ‘top-ups’. You never know when you may need a little dab of concealer. The ‘Beautifully Matte’ primer has changed my life.  It is by far the best one I have tried, and I have tried many. It dries instantly so you don’t have to wait before applying foundation or loose powder and it’s cheaper than most. Boots Number 7 here

My husband informed me the other day that I was becoming too ‘trigger happy’ with make-up. I like make-up and therefore occasionally go a tad over-board with how much I apply. Subsequently I make myself look older instead of just more fabulous. So, as part of my ‘back to basics’ beauty routine, I have swapped from black to brown mascara. Ditched liquid foundation for loose powder and ‘hid’ my eye-liner in my swimwear drawer. The brown looks slightly more natural, which is what I wanted, yet still enhances the eyes and distracts from the crows feet. Job done.

One last utterly FABULOUS discovery (some books just never reach the sunny shores of Thailand) ‘Bringing Home the Birkin’ by Michael Tonello. I know it’s not new, but if you haven’t read it yet GET IT NOW. I simply love how he stumbled upon his own Hermes business and (now not so) secret formula for finding Birkins all over the world (my book on the tragedy of Somalia has been pushed aside)

Happy Friday All xoxoxoxox

Black Out

Happy Thursday!

I am not always a fan of one colour, except when its all black or all white. Then, and only then.

Sheer black shirt – Zara