Winter Wellies

I found these fab boots at Marks & Spencers. They are a leather-boot – wellington hybrid

I love a classic hounds tooth skirt – also M&S (don’t be put off by the bad model outfit with tights and court heels) – knee length suits these boots otherwise it can get a little stripperish is the skirt is too short.

These boots come in a gorgeous dark brown as well. I found it very hard to choose, but black is more versatile for my wardrobe. I may pop back in a week or so just to try them on again…..just to be sure…you know……I can always buy clothes to match them…

Oh, and it is pouring with rain, there is a typhoon crossing China at the moment (charming) hence the in-door photo-shoot with not great lighting. And yes, when you live in a traditional Chinese lane house, your bikes live with you (how cute is my white one though!!!)


It is officially Fall in Shanghai. Cool, crisp days with bright blue skies. Cool enough for a light cardi but warm enough for open shoes (always be prepared for a mani-pedi)


This time of the year opens up so much scope for different styles without too much layering.


Simple grey top – Zara Fall Collection. Jeans – G Star. Pearls – old. Zipper flats – Charles & Keith