Get your Welly on!

My aim in this post is to prove that wellington boots can be feminine

It’s all about the accessories – vital in balancing out masculine wellies. I don’t want to look like I walked off a farm or am about to jump in a puddle. I want to appear stylishly prepared for a spot of drizzle.

These Aigle Chantebelle boots are designed for shinny calves! No more gaping wind tunnel or feeling like you are wearing your Dad’s boots! This french company makes the most gorgeous range of colourful wellies in all shapes and sizes.

Leather gloves H&M. Hooded Wool Coat Zara. Jeans – GStar. Bag – Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony

Black & Gold

Finally Friday, last day before Christmas holidays!

I kept it simple – broke the black with grey tights and studded bag

Necklace – ShanghaiTang Bag – Jaspal. Long cardi – Zara. Gold ring – H&M

Brace Yourself

Finally! Braces! I have been looking for a pair since Summer

A rather fabulous friend spotted them in H&M (which I hadn’t considered checking!)

Simple black stretch with bronze clip detail. They come with silver too but doesn’t look as sharp

I got into a bit of a twist fastening the back clip, they have to be perfectly aligned otherwise it throws off the symmetry

Surprisingly comfy and takes an otherwise simple look up a notch

(Jeans – Zara Boyfriend)

Tom Boy?

Not really, but I am trying a slightly masculine look for a change

Feels completely different from my usual dresses and skirts

Ankle boots here Jacket DKNY (old) Boyfriend Jeans Zara

Boyfriend Jeans

I love the fit & colour of these low-rise cropped boyfriend jeans.

How cute are my fluffy sequin ear muffs!! Leather gloves H&M Boots M&S

Good outfit for Sunday afternoon shopping (but shopping in winter is a total nightmare for having to strip off about a hundred layers to try things on. Queuing time at the fittings rooms has been extended for women across the Northern Hemisphere as a result)