Red White & Blue

Cute new top with big floaty sleeves from Club Monaco in Hong Kong

Simple colours never fail to look classic

Happy Monday all xoxox

Top – Club Monaco. Pants – JBrand


Most of my winter clothes are black and grey. Which is chic, but can be dull. Stripes help give dimension.

I tried different colour pumps but anything other than black with black tights looks cheap, especially light colours.

One of the best wardrobe staples is a grey blazer because it goes with everything from high waist flares to cocktail dresses.

Add some J-Lo hoops for a bit of tame bling and a cute striped scarf  (similar) Dotty ring – Bangkok boutique

Monday Texture

This little dress (similar) is an old favourite. I love the texture, it feels wintery warm.

Add a snuggly long cardi, ankle boots and a cute pink bag!

Happy Monday All

Hooded Cape

Finding a perfect over-coat for Autumn that looks good dressed up for work or casual for weekends is certainly a challenge.

This little gem fit my criteria perfectly. Great length, warm, fitted, simple lines and easy to throw on over anything. I wore it withskinny jeans and flats on the weekend (and two women stopped me to ask where I bought it!!) and here for work with heels and a frock

The hood is cute but I wouldn’t wear it up because it would mess with the hair, BUT, it creates a really pretty silhouette

I love the simple high waist tie but the structure of the coat is good enough to wear open without it looking like a sack


One of my favourite little tops from Jaspal with a classic knee length black Zara shirt and peep toes.

Pink Jade

It was our 5 year anniversary recently and Robbie bought me this gorgeous pendant.

 The design was inspired by a birds nest. I love the pink jade tear-drop. This entire outfit was planned to be a good back-drop.

Top – Zara (useful staple, I have them in three colours)

Pendant – Shanghai Tang

Singing in the Rain

Well, not singing exactly, but posing YES, in my flattering cream & black high-waist frock

I love the rain, as long as its not cold or dripping on my suede two-tone platforms

I got this dress from Mango, last year Spring collection. Now that I think about it, it was the last time I actually bought something in Mango, perhaps I have out-grown the brand

Pink bracelet – Kate Spade

Colour Clash

I suddenly realised that I haven’t mixed it up in a while. My version of mixing it up is not exactly punk rock, but I combine colours and fabrics that I wouldn’t ordinarily. This involved lots of trial and error. Lots of ghastly mirror reflections. But eventually you get something so mis-matched that is works.

First Impressions

I had rather an important meeting today where there was a particular reason to make a good impression.

As I lay out several dresses on my bed this morning, from bright pink to polka dots and everything in-between, this simple classic stood out.

Often the best decisions are the most simple and clean-cut. No frills or fuss. No belts or layers. No need for Spanx. Just a simple, well-cut grey dress, comfy pumps and a pretty pashmina

Simple jewellery, nothing distracting. My simple diamond necklace, tennis bracelet, wedding ring and studs in my ears. I am on an island holiday from tomorrow, I promise to post, but my outfits will certainly be more casual

Dots Complete Me

Yes, polka dots…again. They are massively back in fashion and I am totally happy with that

Top – G2000 (similar). Jeans – GStar.