30,000 Hits, a trip down memory lane and a dedication of love

To celebrate reaching 30,000 hits I decided to spend more time than normal obsessing over a series of photo collages. Most of them are IPhone pics, as I always take a back-up before leaving the house, just in case the camera/laptop/IPad/PC crashes….here are some of my faves x

I dedicate this post to my husband. Who made me believe this little blog would bring me infinite happiness. And for his amaze-balls patience every morning as I change 5 times and stress over being late,  ‘having nothing to wear!’ and finding the perfect jacket or ring after we have taken 10 shots. Love you pie, and thank-you xx

Chloe Perfume Locket

The only good thing about flying on your birthday is the duty free in-flight magazine. I fell in love with this solid perfume Chloe locket necklace. It smells and looks amazing. Adore the long chain.


And I finally get to debut my beautiful black velvet mannequin (gift from hubby). Nails – OPI.

Beach Basics

I just spent a long weekend on Koh Samed, a glorious island just three hours drive (and 20 minute speedboat ride) from Bangkok. My beach style is cute and comfy (no digging-in bikini straps allowed!)  Here are a few snaps and my holiday must-haves:

1) Face Base SPF 50++

2) A Cap! (mine is super-touristy!)

3) Toner mist spritz – to keep skin hydrated

4) Inexpensive BB cream for touch-ups in case of pink drinks at sunset

5) Denim shorts – Zara  (I kept mine on while para-sailing – no need for any harness-induced bulges!)

6) Awesome bikini – my Guy Laroche has great padding – but absorbs about 4 litres of sea water!

7) An over-the-top colourful beach bag! I got mine as a media gift, but found cute ones here

8) Bright summer nail varnish! Red, orange, pink, yellow!!

I never leave home without my Lancome Genifique and Kiels Abyssine SPF23 for over-cast days and to give my skin a break from heavy sunscreen.

Remington Pearl

My long-trusted 8-year-old GHD broke while I was in Japan (horror horror! but the hotel got me a replacement – phew)  There weren’t any other options 8 years ago, but now!? it is insane how much choice there is! I spent hours playing and testing and finally choose the Remington Pearl – heavenly!

Most of all I love the heat control – for straightening I don’t need it as hot because my hair is only slightly wavy, but for curls (which my hair repels) I crank her up to 220 degrees! 10 seconds to full heat & 3m cable for dancing. Impressed.

VDO Tutorials on how to curl here I need to study these as I always end up with hair jutting out at 90 degree angle!

BB Cream & Marc Jacobs Macaroons

I spend almost 5 hours in the make-up section over the weekend. I am a fan of the natural look, so I ended up at the Bobbi Brown counter and walked out with a small bag packed with new products and a steaming credit card.

Highlights:  Bobbi Browns BB cream with SPF35++ & SPF50 Face Base. Hydrating Face tonic. Thick eye cream (night application only) The shimmer brick – there are no words for how this single product transformed my life and two bottles of bright orange nail varnish from Revlon.

Had to add in my delightful free gift from Marc Jacobs on Mothers’ Day (in Thailand it falls on the Queens’ Birthday) Three beautiful macaroons!




Fashion Quote: “Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful.” — Taylor Swift

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Heart Beats

My friend from South Africa asked me to get her the same Marc Jacobs IPad case as previously posted here. While I was celebrating the power of my blog for leading to a direct sale (well, asking my husband to get one and posting it is as direct as it gets when dealing with South Africa) Anyway, turns out the pink IPad cover was a favourite, and after searching three separate outlets, fashion osmosis kicked-in and my husband bought me a Marc Jacobs bangle. which I adore.

Heartbeats Bangle – Marc Jacobs $68. Silver and white tulip skirt – Zara $50, Grey wool top – old, similar farfetch.com $214. Tangerine peep toes – Zara Old, similar


My husband and photographer is away on business and although we managed to squeeze two photo-shoots into one day before he left, I still needed content for today.

I woke this morning and realised how important it is to surround yourself with the things you love. Make sure you can see and touch everything easily, because it makes you happy & gives you ideas. Here is a collection of things that inspire me, from perspex jewelry boxes to open clothes rails, I make sure I can see delightful things from any angle.

Clothing rails Ikea, white vanity Amazon, Earring trees Etsy.com,  perspex jewelry drawers Amazon, wooden hangers onlyhangers.com, camera Canon, Diamante photo frame Amazon (best friend not included), studded white pumps TopShop, wardrobe guard dog – Finbar