La Tweez

Eye-brows. One of THE most important facial features. The wrong shape and you might as well wear a bag on your head. I am obsessed and often look at women and think ‘your arch is too high‘ or ‘gosh, that is over-plucked!’ or ‘it’s clearly been a few weeks since your last wax!’ Nothing is worse than eye-brow stubble. Either leave them natural, or keep up the daily maintenance. Enter: La Tweez

I bought this little gem from the in-flight magazine two months ago. I.AM.IN.LOVE. No more frantically looking for a  beam-of-bathroom-window-sunlight. No more getting up-close-and-personal with a glaring light bulb. No more reading glasses balanced on end of nose!

I love the design. So girly and slick. It has a diamante LED button and slips into a chic chrome and black travel case.

I am a fan of a smooth brow with a dash of plucking from the under-side only.  I had some fun with my Maybelline Master Precise eye-liner for this pic which I think looks really chic. But I always do minimal make-up to ensure I don’t look like an air-hostess.

I really love how compact and cute it looks in my vanity or hand-bag.  And the case has a little mirror for emergencies.

Although I bought this from an in-flight duty free magazine, you can order from their website or on Amazon for around $12. They also come in bright pink and white.